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These 10 Brazilian companies have already reached multi-million capitalization and won user loyalty.

Brazilian FinTech

10 leaders of Brazilian FinTech. Photo:

The number of fintech startups in Latin America has increased significantly over the last 10 years. The largest number of promising projects in this segment can be Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. according to this Of expertsThe regulation of open banking, developed by the Brazilian central bank, will provide even more growth opportunities to the country’s fintech industry. In addition, the Brazilian population is predominantly young and open to new technologies. Together, these factors give Brazilian fintech the strength to resist the monopoly of large traditional banks, while expanding access to financial services for the population.

In 2015, Brazil had 120 fintech companies, and in 2019 – already 380. Rough estimate yet 180 New fintech projects were launched in 2019-2020. The biggest of them is the popularity among the users due to its impeccable service. They have the most customers, the largest capitalization and the amount of investment attracted. The editors Payspace magazine Invites you to learn more about these successful companies.

Top 10 Brazilian Fintech Companies

  1. Nubank
  2. Creditas
  3. Pagseguro
  4. Clearseale
  5. Guiabolso
  6. weel
  7. Pravaler
  8. Neon
  9. Contaazul
  10. RecargaPay

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