103 countries forced to seek IMF assistance: economic benchmarks to be revised



The governments of more than 100 countries are forced to rely on the assistance of the international monetary fund. The coronavirus has radically changed the alignment of economic forces on the world stage, and now financial benchmarks from around the world need to be reviewed.

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It is reported by “MFN”, with reference on the fund website.

“103 states have requested emergency financial assistance. Our board of directors intends to consider around 50 appeals by the end of this month, “said IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva.

She added that the IMF has created a special fund with a budget of $ 1.4 billion. This money will be spent on subsidies for 29 of the poorest countries. These countries are expected to spend money on paying down debt and fighting coronavirus. In addition, the IMF will increase the size of the fund to help other countries that are in dire straits because of past debts and the coronavirus.

Recall, as previously noted, a wave of virtual rallies in the Russian Federation: Russians across the country oppose the rule of Putin.

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