130 million paying users, a total of 286 million


Growth continues exponentially Spotify: A well-known music streaming platform released data for the first quarter of 2020, which is known to have ended in an explosion of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent blocking in several countries around the world.

It is not known how the last weeks have affected the overall results of the quarter, which, in any case, are clearly growing compared to the 4th quarter in 2019: more specifically, Spotify passed by From 124 to 130 million users with active subscriptionsor “pay,” and from 271 to 286 million total listeners. The figures, which are also reflected in revenue growth of 1.848 billion euros and exceeding analysts’ forecasts, were stuck by 1.71 billion.

In a word, great news for the famous platform, capable of capturing even new listening trends recorded in recent months. Boom podcasts it was thunderous, and the data in this sense is consistent across all music streaming services.

It is also interesting to note how fruitful methods Spotify: access through consoles or smart TVs grew by 50%, and use through web platforms or wearable devices decreased. In particular, the latter, obviously, is associated with the need to stay at home during the lock.


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