2019 record for Pixel smartphones


As various rumors confirmGoogle unsatisfied with Pixel line-ups which, in anticipation of the launch of the new Pixel 4a, in any case set a “historical” record for the American company. During 2019, in fact, as IDC reports, Google sold 7.2 million smartphones.

This figure indicates a 52% increase over previous year results. The result is clearly related to the launch of the new Pixel 3a mid-range. which significantly reduced the price of access to the Pixel line, previously consisting exclusively of high-end smartphones.

Despite the “record” results, Google decided to make several changes to the Pixel division, both at the managerial level and in terms of the assortment structure. New Coming middle pixel 4a which will take the place of the 3rd and 3rd XL. In addition, new ones will arrive in the fall. Pixel 5 Which, unlike its predecessors, will not have the top of the SoC line.

Google, in fact, has chosen to use a mid-range SoC for its new Pixel 5, like this Snapdragon 765G which guarantees excellent performance and 5G support. Let’s see if this choice of the company will allow to adjust in 2020 the record recorded in 2019.


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