2020 “indoor” tourist season: inexpensive, but difficult to obtain without a car



2020 “indoor” tourist season: inexpensive, but difficult to obtain without a car

2020 “indoor” tourist season: inexpensive, but difficult to obtain without a car

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Although tourism activity has suffered greatly, holiday prices in Ukraine are still at the level of last year.

Tourism is one of the areas most affected by the pandemic. And not only because the borders have been closed, but also because the coronavirus crisis has resulted in lower incomes for the population, who are not ready to spend as much rest as before. And then catastrophic floods were added … For Ukrainian tourism, which remained for a long time on the outskirts of state support and only started to reveal its potential recently, this blow became particularly noticeable. A survey by the sociological group Rating at the end of May showed that 66% of Ukrainians do not plan a vacation at all, and only 30% answered yes to the question of their intention to relax this summer. 4% found this difficult. Among the reasons for the cancellation of the rest – lack of funds – 44%; fear of contracting a coronavirus – 21%. And only 26% of those questioned had not planned a vacation at all this year. But there is a positive note – domestic tourism still has a chance to recover faster than global tourism, because those who have planned holidays abroad are now actively looking, in fact, at their native Ukraine.

The problem of transport: planes are few and expensive, trains as few …

Since the incidence rate of coronaviruses in Ukraine is only increasing, unlike its European neighbors, our citizens should not rely too much on travel to EU countries, said the director of the Development Center of tourism, Vladimir Tsaruk. Therefore, in the south of Ukraine there will be many domestic tourists this year. One of the main problems for Ukrainian tourism now is how to get to the seaside resorts. “The fact that one of the airlines launched communications between the cities of Kharkov, Lviv, Kiev and the southern regions does not solve the problem. In addition, the planes do not fly daily and most tourists are not also not willing to spend money on an expensive flight.

2020 “indoor” tourist season: inexpensive, but difficult to obtain without a car

The flow of tourists is ensured by the railway

A massive flow of tourists is provided by the railway, and in some areas with tickets there are big problems. For example, it is very difficult to get to Berdyansk, Novoalekseevka (Arabatskaya arrow). Last year there were eight trains to Kiev and other cities to Novoalekseevka and Genichesk, now only two. From Dnipro there is usually no normal train service – those who want to relax by the sea go there by electric train. Therefore, this problem must be solved, and it is only because of this that there will be more tourists. But in general, we should expect the flow of tourist “trains” to be 10-20% from last year’s level, “said Vladimir Tsaruk.

Odessa: the tourist season hasn’t actually started yet

For summer holidays at sea, tourists most often and traditionally choose Odessa, as well as the village of Zatoka, popular because of the lower prices and a warm sea. If Odessa is better suited for young workers who travel here to have fun at nightclubs and bars, then Zatoka is more likely to go on a family vacation. And in recent years, gastrotourism has actively developed in the region. The president of the board of directors of the Association for the Development of Tourism in the Odessa Region, Fazil Askerov, said that at the end of June the tourist season in Odessa had not yet arrived, except for week Come on. It is the people of Kiev, who used to spend weekends in Budapest, Vienna or Warsaw, who now come to Odessa, and as a result, 10 to 15,000 people create a full house in the city. But at the same time, hotel occupancy compared to last year is still 3-4 times less.

2020 “indoor” tourist season: inexpensive, but difficult to obtain without a car

Kievans used to spending the weekend in Budapest, Vienna or Warsaw, now come to Odessa

“Now, on the beaches, you can mainly see the people of Odessa, who lack the sea. Most tourists are filled with expensive five or four star hotels – the better the hotel, the more tourists there are. But if you take a tour in the region, then the farthest from Odessa – the least occupied rooms of hotels and leisure centers. Due to lack of air links and closed borders, there is no longer the usual flow of tourists from Belarus and the southern Odessa region, which was filled with Moldovan guests, is now completely empty, “said Askerov.

He also adds that children’s sanatoriums are in a difficult situation, the opening of which has been postponed for a month to July 22: “This could lead to the total extinction of this segment. The whole city is threatened – Sergeevka, where 90% of the services are linked to the therapeutic rest of children. this is not a single case of coronavirus infection recorded in the city. “

As for the cost of recreation, most hotels are keeping prices at the level of last year, said the president of the region’s tourism association. Most of the free places are now found in hotels where the cost of living can reach 1000 hryvnia per day. After all, most of the guests at these hotels come by train. “As a result, hotels and leisure centers where prices were affordable for the majority of the population will suffer the most. People who have less money due to the crisis will not be in a hurry to relax, or will not be able to simply not get because of the lack of their own means of transport, because Now there are problems with the rail connection. As a result, the cheap segment of tourist services will suffer more “, concludes Fazil Askerov.

In the four-star Continental Hotel (in the center of Odessa on Deribasovskaya Street), Ukrinform learned that prices were not only increased, but also reduced by 30%, because foreigners could not be counted on. A day here costs from 1,550 hryvnias on weekdays and from 1,700 hryvnias on weekends. At the Euroline hotel in Zatoka, they were not as accommodating in their communication with the press, only saying that prices had not changed. Spending one night in a double room here costs 900 hryvnia. Certainly, according to Vladimir Tsaruk, Zatoka is still considering the number of vacationers. If the workload will be good in July and August, then prices will go up.

Kherson: because of the coronavirus, there was even more outdoor recreation

The Kherson region is unique in that it is washed by two seas at the same time. In addition, to relax by the sea in the iron port, Skadovsk and the Arabat spit, people come here to see the country’s only natural desert, Oleshkovsky Sands, one of the most famous nature reserves in Askania Nova, the Grand Canyon of Ukraine in Europe Stanislavsky Rocks and pink lemur lake. The head of the tourism department of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Nikolai Shapoval, said that the coronavirus had brought about major changes during the tourist season.

2020 “indoor” tourist season: inexpensive, but difficult to obtain without a car

Stanislavski rocks

If a company wants to work, it must comply with epidemiological security requirements. “We have developed security measures, all hotels and pensions are ready for this, tourists are gradually recovering. Domestic air service has been restored, and from July 4 there will also be a direct flight Lviv -Kherson (the ticket price is 1500 UAH. – NDE), So we also expect tourists Given the situation, companies change somewhat format – for example, the leisure complex Tavria Green Farm organized its work outdoors as much as possible to avoid crowding people on the premises, “says Nikolai Shapoval. According to him, the prices of holidays in the region have hardly increased, so as not to scare the already suspicious tourist , to look for a cheaper alternative.

This has been confirmed at the Phoenix Manor Hotel, in the iron port: the prices are still the same as last year – the average cost of a night in a double room is 900 hryvnia. At the Delta Dnepr Hotel, they stated that from July 1, only the price in a standard double building would increase by 100 UAH and be the same by 900 UAH per day. The cottages remained – 2,500 for a cottage with a fireplace and 5,000 – for a cottage with a sauna. The cost of triple and quadruple rooms will not change – 1,200 and 1,500 hryvnia, respectively.

Among the novelties of this tourist season, there is the opening to visit the lighthouses of Genichesky and Stanislav-Adzhigolsky, built over 100 years ago. The main tourist product in the region is visits on weekends, so most customers, like in Odessa, are always on weekends in the city. “Our tourism and resort management team is working to make vacationers understand that the Kherson region is not only the sea, but also the desert, the Dnieper, the forest, the wine, the cheeses and watermelons, “adds Nikolai Shapoval.

Western regions: coronavirus and floods – few tourists

But with tourism in the western region, given the spread of coronavirus infection and even flooding, it is now very difficult. “The Carpathian region is actually cut off today. A lot of hotels suffer from the fact that it is impossible to get there by transport and from strict quarantine. Therefore, there is the most leisure problems, “says Vladimir Tsaruk.

In Lviv, even recently, they published a series of videos entitled “Where are my tourists”, in which actors, but representatives of the tourism industry and employees of the Department of Tourism and LOGA tourist resorts, do not have not appeared. The objective is a gradual return to travel after a long break and the promotion of unique places in Lviv. “This is a video in which everything is honest and a bit even with humor. And how can we talk about rest without that?” – comments Natalya Tabaka, head of the tourism and seaside resorts department of the Lviv State regional administration.

Before the crisis, according to estimates by Zruchno.Travel and experts from the Ukrainian Hotel Industry Association, Lviv ranked second after Kiev in terms of tourism revenue. Now, on the contrary, it calculates the losses. At the Krivaya Lipa hotel in Lviv, they said that before the hotel was constantly filled with customers, now due to the incidence situation in the area, there are no tourists. Prices, of course, will not be increased – staying alone here costs 600 hryvnia per day.

According to, in order to overcome the crisis, the Lviv administration, in collaboration with representatives of the tourism industry, developed a five-step plan before the end of the year. However, its implementation could be threatened because the incidence rates in the region are still high (as of June 24, 204 new cases of infection had been detected). The type of leisure acceptable for visitors is now walking tours with the participation of up to 10 people. But in addition to Lviv, the region also suffers, in particular the small seaside towns – Truskavets and Morshin – which depend up to 60% on holidaymakers. Therefore, Lviv requests the Cabinet of Ministers to “epidemiologically” separate the city from the Lviv region, where the indicators are within normal limits, said Svetlana Mosienko, deputy director general of the Resort and Spa hotel in Truskavets.

In communication with representatives of the tourism industry, it should be noted that visitors really awaited him and were ready to welcome everyone with open arms. And, what’s good, with the understanding that financially, it’s difficult now not only for businesses, but also for those who use its services. How the situation will develop in the future – even experienced experts do not commit to predicting, but for the moment we remind you: even during the rest, we must not forget the basic rules of epidemiological security. And it is better to try to perceive the situation with optimism, because it is a chance to notice, to discover, finally, that in Ukraine there are many interesting and unique.

Julia Gorban, Kiev

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