24.5 billion UAH replenished by Ukraine’s state budget


In just two years, the state treasury thus received 36 billion dollars

The state budget of Ukraine was replenished by 24.5 billion UAH. Photo: center.today

For the purpose of paying dividend of UAH 24.5 billion transferred to the state PrivatBank Ukraine’s state budget to the bank’s shareholder – the state. This is 75% of the net profit of the financial institution for 2019, reports the bank’s press service.

In total, the financial institution has allocated $ 36 billion to the state budget over the past two years, according to Sharon Iskey, president of PrivyBank’s supervisory board.

“A high level of liquidity allows us to send money to the budget in one payment, this is significant support for the budget during the difficult period of the global coronavirus epidemic and the associated economic downturn,” said PrivatBank’s board chairman Petr Krumkhanlal .

According to the bank’s annual report, its net profit in 2019 was 36.8 billion dollars. By the beginning of 2020, NetBank had net assets of $ 309.7 billion, liabilities – $ 255.2 billion, capital – $ 54.5 billion.

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Earlier, the National Bank of Ukraine reported that Ukrainian banks received 3.756 billion UAH in net profit in May, a 29.3% decrease over the same period in 2019 (UAH 5.313 billion). At the same time, in January-May 2020, the profits of Ukrainian banks reached 28.964 billion dollars, which is 23.6% higher than the previous year (UAH 23.428 billion).

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