4 Zelensky bells hurt the pride of the Russian occupiers: the State Duma calls its plans blasphemy



On May 9, in a speech of congratulations to the Ukrainians, President Vladimir Zelensky announced a project to create commemorative commemorative symbolic symbols in Ukraine and announced the installation of four bells in places of Ukrainian glory.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Vladimir Zelensky.
Russia reacted strongly to Zelensky’s plan to install 4 bells. Photo:

Including, according to the Ukrainian head of state, there are plans to establish the peace bell in Donetsk after the liberation of the region from Russian aggressors, as well as the unity bell in Simferopol after the departure of the Crimean Russians.

According to Zelensky, at the moment when peace is established in Ukraine, these bells will simultaneously inform of this crucial moment.

The Kremlin immediately responded to the Ukrainian President’s statement. The deputy of the Russian State Duma of the Crimea region, Mikhail Sheremet, described his plans as blasphemous.

According to the deputy, it is time that the Ukrainian authorities give up claims on Crimea once and for all, but it is better to try to establish a good neighborhood with the Russian Federation.

“It is at this time that the monument should be erected on the Crimea section of the Russian-Ukrainian state border, symbolizing the fraternal relations of the two states”, – said Sheremet.

Earlier, it was reported that they were already making fun of the miserable Putin.

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