50% of Ukrainians don’t trust Vladimir Zelensky – opinion poll results



Olga Balakireva, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Institute for Social Research named A. Yaremenko held a press conference during which she spoke of how much the Ukrainians trust President Zelensky.

Vladimir Zelensky
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This is reported by the “NPF” referring to “HB“.

As noted by Olga Balakireva, for the moment, the balance of confidence in the President of Ukraine is negative:

“Vladimir Zelensky had a positive balance of confidence after his election. But already in January, the situation began to change. In addition, in the context of the coronavirus, the balance of confidence has become negative. “

The results of the June opinion poll showed that Vladimir Zelensky:

  • total confidence – 13%
  • somewhat confident – 28.3%
  • rather not trust – 25.4%
  • completely suspicious – 24.8%

“So it turns out that 50% of Ukrainians don’t trust the president.”

We also note that other government agencies may boast of a low, or rather negative, level of confidence. For example:

  1. 62.8% of Ukrainians do not trust NABU
  2. The UCP does not trust 61% of Ukrainians
  3. 58% of Ukrainians don’t trust GBR
  4. 55.4% of Ukrainians do not trust the Verkhovna Rada
  5. 54.3% of Ukrainians do not trust the Cabinet
  6. 44.6% of Ukrainians do not trust the NBU
  7. National police don’t trust 42.8% of Ukrainians
  8. 34.1% of Ukrainians do not trust SBU

The survey was carried out from June 10 to June 19, 2020. 3,037 respondents were interviewed in all regions of Ukraine (except ORDLO and AR Crimea).

Recall that we wrote earlier that Zelensky’s rating had dropped again.



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