$ 6 million bribe: lawyer claims COVID-19 from one of the suspects



$ 6 million bribe: lawyer claims COVID-19 from one of the suspects

$ 6 million bribe: lawyer claims COVID-19 from one of the suspects

06/14.2020 22:03


One of the suspects in the transfer of a $ 6 million bribe to the management of NABU and SAP is believed to have found COVID-19.

This was announced at a meeting of the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court by one of the lawyers who defends the tax specialist Nikolai Ilyashenko, reports the Trial Reporter.

“I have a reliable knowledge that the third accused, in respect of whom the question of coercive measures will be examined in the future … He was not placed in the conditions of the pre-trial detention center because COVID -19 was revealed … According to criminal procedure, there had been a communication between Ilyashenko and the third accused. Maybe now we are all in a state where we can contract this disease … Home observation through a 24 hour house arrest will allow us to undergo appropriate treatment, examination for 14 days, “said the lawyer.

In turn, the prosecutor filed a motion to detain the suspect.

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As noted, detectives from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau documented on June 12 that a former senior official of the previous government had paid $ 6 million to the head of the NAP Nazar Kholodnitsky and the leadership of the NABU.

On Saturday, the leaders of NABU and SAP informed that they had offered a bribe to close the file linked to former Minister of Natural Resources Nikolai Zlochevsky, which concerns the implication in the stabilization loan of the National Bank, granted to Kurchenko, controlled by Real Bank.

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In particular, Sytnik informed that three people had been arrested in this case, including the first deputy head of the General Directorate of State Tax Services in Kiev and two agents of Zlochevsky.

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