60% of Ukrainian schools are connected to the Internet



60% of Ukrainian schools are connected to the Internet

60% of Ukrainian schools are connected to the Internet

06.06.2020 21:50


In Ukraine, 60% of secondary schools are connected to the Internet, 40% do not have an Internet connection.

These are research data published by the Ministry of Digital Policy on Facebook.

“According to our research, the situation is still not very comforting: there are 16,317 schools in Ukraine. They have 9,773 (60%) have access to the Internet using fiber optic technologies. They do not have 6,544 ( 40%) “, says the press release. message.

60% of Ukrainian schools are connected to the Internet

The study on the connection of social amenities to the fixed Internet, in particular schools, was carried out for the first time in Ukraine, said the Ministry of Finance.

When determining the availability of a fiber optic connection, not only was the technology considered, but also the connection speed, which is inherent exclusively in fiber optic technologies. It should have been at least 30 Mbps, the ministry said. But if we talk about the objectives of the Ministry of Finance, for students and teachers to obtain the content necessary for the educational process and work effectively online, it takes at least 100 Mbit / s. “By the way, this is in line with the initiative of the Gigabit Society of the European Union,” said the report.

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The Ministry of Statistics noted that during the period 2019-2020, calls for tenders had been launched to connect to the Internet and establish local networks in nearly 10,000 Ukrainian schools.

The ministry is also asking for help to improve its research: “We will be happy if specialists and advanced users help the Ministry of Finance to improve research. To do this, we have developed an interactive map where you can find n any Ukrainian school and check our login details. “

As Ukrinform reported, in early 2018, the government approved the Concept for the development of the digital economy in Ukraine until 2020. Then, according to the Ministry of Economy, about 35% of the rural population of Ukraine generally did not have broadband Internet access. 53% of Ukrainian schools and 99% of medical establishments were not connected either.

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