7 interesting facts about sharks


Seven incredible facts about sharks that will excite you: “Ha, it just can’t be.”

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Sharks have existed on Earth for over 420 million years. This fact alone is already enough to do with respect and genuine interest in one of the oldest representatives of the animal class on the planet.

But here are seven more incredible facts about the shark that will make you claim: “Ha, it just can’t be.”

The American pocket shark reaches a length of only 14 centimeters and glows in the dark.

Discovered in 2010, it is one of two available pocket sharks.

“Spotless conception” in sharks, although a rare occurrence, but still occurs.

Repeatedly, cases were reported when female sharks gave birth to live cubs without mating.

The oldest shark known to naturalists is now between 272 and 512 years old.

Greenland sharks are the oldest living vertebrates. They reach puberty at the age of about 150 years.

Sharks have no care.

In at least two types of sharks, tooth cover contains 100% fluoride, the main ingredient.

Whale sharks have small teeth on their eyeballs.

The cogs protect the shark’s weak eyes. Whale sharks can also drag their eyeballs into orbit.

The male ghost shark has an extended genitalia on its forehead.

In the Black East Pacific Chimera, this appendage resembles a spiked bat. Researchers suggest that men are attracted to women with the help of such a process.

Sand tiger shark cubs eat their brother and sister in the womb.

If the mother shark initially had two dozen embryos, only two major first-births occur at the end (the shark has a double womb).

After that, the cannibalistic cubs start eating their mother’s unfit eggs.



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