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Many people are interested in opportunities to improve their abilities, character and professional skills. Many will probably wonder how to talk about such a general improvement, if each person is individual. In fact, it is impossible to find the perfect way for everyone. Therefore, this article presents the 10 best ways to improve yourself for most people. So let’s start …

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Method 1 – Meditation

Meditation is a very invigorating and relaxing remedy that came to us from the Far East. For thousands of years, wise men have engaged in meditation to free the mind, relax and improve their health. Buddhist and Hare Krishna meditations are particularly popular with us. However, no one prohibits experimenting and inventing your meditation. Just sit in the lotus position, close your eyes, activate the soft, calm music you love and think of nothing. If this is difficult, try to imagine a trip through nature: as if you were walking by the sea or traveling through the forest. The benefits of meditation This has long been proven by scientists. After a long practice, experts say that you will have: two hemispheres of the brain work better, the level of stress is reduced, memory is improved, the blood sugar level is lowered. And all this is important for the self-realization of any person.

Method 2 – Sport

An old saying goes: “A healthy mind is in a healthy body.” In fact, athletes have fewer health problems and, as a result, they can devote much more time, effort and money to their cause. However, of course, there should be a measure, since sports such as weightlifting or weight training can hardly be called healthy. Nevertheless, a light run several times a week, yoga or exercise will make you feel better. In this context, it is interesting that scientists from the United States and Israel have found that moderate evening workouts are more beneficial for a person than morning or afternoon. In addition, according to their statements, through sport, you can get rid of: depression, prediabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, poor heart and blood vessels. However, they note that you need to train regularly to get this effect. It will be enough 3-4 times a week.

Method 3 – reading

Reading is an integral part of modern life. Thanks to books, we learn, learn something new or experience aesthetic pleasure. All of this is very important for those seeking self-realization. For example, Scientists at the University of Liverpool have discovered that by reading poems, certain parts of the brain are more excited, that others. This is particularly true for departments associated with autobiographical memory. At the same time, scientific colleagues from Emory University have found that 12 students who read the historic Robert Harris thriller “Pompeii” activated the left temporal lobe of the cerebral cortexwho is responsible for speech activity. And imagine, it’s fiction! But what happens when someone reads a specialized book to improve their own professionalism or skills? Of course, the benefits of reading are difficult to overestimate.

Method 4 – Creativity

Creators have very often become objects to imitate. They have always taught society something, shown our problems and opened up new horizons of knowledge. Fortunately, the 21st century is full of tools for creativity, which means that anyone can do it. Western scientists have also studied the question of creativity in detail. They concluded that through creativity, a person can get rid of stress, to reveal your own potential, to get to know yourself and the world around you better. All this is extremely important for someone who aspires to great heights in their life. No wonder they say that creative people are often happier than those who are mired in routine.

Method 5 – Keep a blog / journal

Keeping your journal or blog is a great way to keep yourself entertained and better understand your own desires. It is interesting that a person is directly involved in self-knowledge while keeping a journal / blog. In turn, it is rarely given to people like this: usually a routine eats us, and in creativity, we are more obsessed with the outside world than with the inside. However, when you explain to people your anxieties, your desires, your fears, your problems, you yourself begin to understand them better. And without that, the future winner in life cannot do it.

Method 6 – Relax correctly

What do most people mean by the word “rest”? Need to read books, play computer games, or watch your favorite movies or TV shows? However, alas, this is not a rest for our brain. A real rest for him will be if, for a day, you put all your things back in watching your favorite movies and even reading books. Scientists recommend spending more time outdoorsTake easy walks to the places you love. By the way, Orthodox Jews have long respected such a mode of rest. It was called “Shabbat”. Of course, it’s hard not to think of anything on these days, however, if thoughts do arise, try to direct them to yourself: understand what you expect from life and how to best build it to you and your loved ones.

Method 7 – good nutrition

Although the subject of nutrition is often very controversial, many scientists have agreed on one thing: a healthy diet is extremely important for humans. According to the recommendations of the main American dietitian Michael Greger, for a healthy diet, it is necessary to exclude all fried, fatty and animal products. In his book “Don’t Die”, he described in detail the cause of most common diseases and, not surprisingly, many of them occur in the context of malnutrition. According to Greger, if you’re having trouble giving up fat and consuming too much animal products, at least try to cut back on them. It is also recommended not to overeat at night, as this puts too much pressure on the stomach. However, nutritionists recommend eating more vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. It is interesting that Greger even devotes an ordinary product like an ordinary apple to a lesson hour, in which he explains in detail how important it is to eat this fruit at least once a day. Surprisingly, it turns out that just one apple a day can save a person’s life. It prevents the development of cancer, normalizes cholesterol and blood sugar, improves bowel function and much more. So the right diet is the foundation of those looking for a better life.

If you follow these 7 good steps for personal development, then, of course, you can reach new heights in your daily business. However, it is always worth remembering the measure, which is necessary even in the most useful thing. Of course, our life is often in our hands. And only we can decide how to dispose of it.



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