8 places you shouldn’t charge your smartphone


When the phone is low, charging it in a public place seems very convenient. But it is better not to risk it, because

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When the phone is low, charging it in a public place seems very convenient. But it is better not to risk it, as the charging station and USB device can be easily modified, which the attackers use to gain access to your phone, including installing software on it.

Here are 8 places where you should never use a public USB port to charge your smartphone.


Usually people here do not think about the safety of their equipment, probably because they are in a hurry and focus on something completely different. Bad people do not hesitate to take advantage of this and start attacking their phones. But if you have your plug and cable with you, you can be sure that you will not be a victim.

railway station

A criminal can charge a free charge at a bus station or railway station. When people connect their phones to the USB port, their confidential data is also copied at the time of charging.

Therefore, if you need to charge the phone at the station, it is best to connect the USB cable to the 110 volt adapter. For iPhone users, this is a small white plastic cube that comes with their phone. You can also buy a protective device that prevents data transmission. However, charging your phone like this can damage the battery.


The USB port may seem convenient in the room. But theoretically, an attacker can tune everything so that data is downloaded from your phone during charging, or malware installs without your knowledge.

To avoid this, use extremely fast charging.

Rental cars

Now you can find publicly available USB ports for charging everywhere, including rental cars. But instead of connecting your phone to a USB port in the car, it is recommended to use an adapter with an electrical outlet and buy a portable charger.

Tourist attractions

When your phone runs out of power during a family vacation somewhere in Egypt, you may be tempted to recharge it at one of the public spaces in popular resorts. This can not only put your device in danger, but may also lead to unauthorized remote connections to your camera or microphone.

Shopping center

If you use the public port in the mall to charge your device, you are also asking for trouble. A USB hub can connect to your phone and send a list of your contacts, email, text and voice messages, photos and videos. It can also copy passwords, bank card information, personal contacts and other information stored on the phone. This publicly accessible USB hub can also install malware on your device.


The library may seem like a safe place, but you should avoid connecting your mobile devices to any USB ports that are beyond your control. There is a risk of initiating data transfer or something even more unpleasant, for example, hacking a device to gain full control over it. There is no way to detect that public charging stations are being used by cyber criminals, so it is better to take care of security rather than regret it later.

Cafe & Restaurant

Cyber ​​space experts have warned that criminals are installing hidden readers and downloads and power supplies near cafes, cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments near the USB port. Therefore, when you charge your device while drinking coffee, you can open access to identity theft.

To avoid this, you need to buy a protective device for the USB port, which is connected between the phone and the public charging station to avoid any unauthorized data transfer.



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