85% of workers want to stay in Poland during a pandemic



85% of workers want to stay in Poland during a pandemic

85% of workers want to stay in Poland during a pandemic


05.05.2020 19:52


Most migrant workers from outside the EU, especially from Ukraine, want to stay in Poland during the COVID-19 epidemic.

This is indicated in a survey carried out jointly by LEF and the Center for Eastern Europe at the University of Warsaw with foreigners from April 9 to 15, reports the correspondent for Ukrinform.

“The vast majority of foreigners (85%) who work in Poland want to stay in Poland during the coronavirus epidemic, mainly due to the opportunity to work and earn money (55%),” note the authors of the study.

Most of the foreigners interviewed are negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic. In particular, 61% of them started to work less and 27% were forced to change the field of employment. More than half of them (58%) fear losing their jobs.

At the same time, only 18% of respondents are afraid of contracting the coronavirus.

In general, the majority of foreigners (72%) feel safe in Poland and perceive the restrictions they face in the Republic of Poland in relation to the coronavirus.

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The majority of respondents (63.5%) intend to use the automatic extension of working visas and stay in the visa-free regime, as proposed by the Polish government during the period of the epidemic and 30 days after as part of the support of entrepreneurs and workers.

LEF Director Andrzej Korkus said that the fruit and vegetable harvest season will start soon in Poland and that due to border closures in Poland there will be no shortage of workers.

“This means that the time has come for the authorities’ decisive next steps regarding special solutions for foreigners working in Poland. In addition, countries like Germany, Finland and the United Kingdom have already joined the fight for seasonal workers in Poland, “said Korkus.

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The study “Foreign worker during the coronavirus” was carried out from 9 to 15 April by an online survey of a group of 600 migrant workers outside the EU, 91.5% of whom are citizens of Ukraine .

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