A Buddhist monk did not breathe for a day, then he told what was happening in paradise



In ancient times, people believed in God and in Buddha and with all their souls sought to go to heaven.

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The Buddhist monk spoke of paradise.
A Buddhist monk visited the sky and talked about what was going on there. Photo:

The famous Chinese monk Xu Yun of the Chan Buddhist school, who had the technique of meditation, was able to raise his soul to heaven and see how paradise works.

Xu Yun lived in the Chinese province of Guangdong in the Yun Men Temple at a time when the Communists came to power in China. At that time, in 1949, he was 110 years old.

The Chinese Communist Party fought against the co-revolutionaries and arrested all the suspects, accusing them of spying. In conclusion, 26 monks from the Yun Men temple, including Xu Yun, reunited. A very amazing story happened to him in prison.

The monk meditated non-stop for 9 days, and at the end of the meditation, he died. However, the body remained warm and the skin did not change color, although there was no breathing.

In this state, without breathing, the monk stayed for a whole day, and when he opened his eyes, he said that he had visited the kingdom of Tushit, where Buddha Maitreya, or Buddha of the future is located.

When he finally opened his eyes, he said that he had visited the kingdom of Tushit, where the Maitreya Buddha, i.e. the Buddha of the future, is located. The monk said he greeted everyone who was seated and wanted to sit on an empty seat, but Maitreya suddenly announced that he had to come back because his time had not yet come. Xu Yun tried to persuade the Buddha, but could not and was still in the world of the living.

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