A column of Russian tanks has appeared in Donetsk: the Kremlin is preparing militants for the parade (Video)



A column of Russian tanks and other armored vehicles passed along the central streets of Donetsk.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Russian tanks in Donetsk.
A column of Russian tanks in Donetsk confirms the occupation of the Donbass of the Russian Federation. Photo:

The chronicle walk video was published by a Donbass blogger under the nickname Necro Mancer.

The Russian occupiers obviously brought material for the rehearsal of the parade, which will be held on June 24 by order of Putin. Thus, the Kremlin confirms its military presence in the uncontrolled Ukrainian Donbass.

Activists want to organize this parade in unison with Moscow by decree of Russian President Putin at the height of the coronavirus epidemic.

Users of social networks in their comments point out that all these armored vehicles are Russian, the flags of the Russian Federation, hung everywhere, are the confirmation of the fact of the Russian occupation of the region.

As you know, for more than six years, Russia has been funding the combat units of Donbass mercenaries and constantly transferring tanks, other heavy armored vehicles, and fuel and lubricants to the region.

Video rehearsal of the parade in Donetsk.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin was trying to stop the inevitable, but the story is coming to an end.



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