A difficult but balanced decision – the “president” of the Federation of Trade Unions “LNR” spoke of a new ban for workers in the “republic”




In the so-called “LPR”, they decided to ban the May Day parade of workers’ collectives. The Federation of Trade Unions of the “Republic” said the decision was made “to prevent the massive spread of coronavirus infections”.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to the portal DonPress

The cancellation of the May Day parade for workers of the “republic” was announced by the “president” of the Federation of Trade Unions “LPR” Oleg Yakimov. According to Yakimov, the Federation of Trade Unions of the “republic” was forced to take these measures in the context of the pandemic of coronavirus infection worldwide. Yakimov said that this year in the “republic” there will be no celebration of the “spring and work holiday”. According to him, a decision was taken instead of “a parade of collective workers to organize events at the local level”. Thus, the ban on holding a parade will only protect workers from unnecessary contact.

“The Federation of Trade Unions” LPR “has made a difficult but balanced decision,” said Yakimov.

It should be noted that the “LPR authorities” recently reported the first case of coronavirus infection.

Earlier, we reported that quarantine in the “LPR” is becoming more difficult.

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