A disaster is preparing in the “DPR”: in Makeevka, a group of seven sick Muscovites infected for 10 days



In the “DPR” in the coming days, an uncontrolled outbreak of coronavirus infection could break out.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

At Makeyevka, an epidemic of coronavirus is possible.
At Makeevka, an outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic can occur. Photo:

A Ukrainian army officer, Anatoly Stefan, informed about the situation in the quasi-republic, learning from insider sources and publishing it on his Telegram channel.

According to the source, in the occupied Makeyevka near Donetsk, 7 people were immediately discovered who arrived in the unrecognized republic of Moscow, whose laboratory tests confirmed the presence of coronavirus.

These people circulated freely for more than 10 days in the occupied part of the Donbass, infecting other people.

“According to reliable insider data, in the Makeevka Sovetsky district, 7 people tested positive for the coronavirus!” These are the ones who came from Moscow and did not isolate themselves! Therefore, since March 19, h..r knows how many tens of people they have already infected! “ – wrote a source from the occupied part of the Donbass.

Earlier, it was reported that the coronavirus had a weak point and could resist it.

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