A kind of apocalypse: a salute in honor of Victory Day shocked the inhabitants of Moscow



Muscovites are shocked by the greeting in honor of the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazism, which was traditionally held in Luzhniki on the evening of May 9.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Fireworks over Moscow.
Muscovites were shocked by the fireworks on May 9. Photo:

Moscow resident Irina shared her thoughts on the fireworks that captured the terrible sight and posted photos on Facebook.

“It’s the worst fireworks I’ve ever seen. Absolutely apocalyptic view. The beginning was still beautiful, but after 10 seconds, smoke and darkness covered everything, and an infernal gleam came “, She wrote.

Many Russians also did not miss this event.

“A terrible sight. But how much money they spent! Party during the plague. They say that a nuclear bomb explosion is also a beautiful sight. It was scary – a greeting against an empty Moscow background. A kind of apocalypse, “ – they wrote in the comments on the photos.

Moscow authorities have explained the failure of the fireworks as a pandemic, because of which 10,000 shells decided to launch from a point in Luzhniki.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russians had been shocked by Putin’s further profanity calls.

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