A large-scale disaster is brewing in Crimea: the media has explained what the Kremlin is silent about (photo)



The people of Crimea may soon find themselves without a very important resource for life. This is the water that may soon end. This situation occurred in Crimea in the Belogorsk depot.

Tank. Photo

This information was reported by correspondents “Crimea.Realities“, Reports” NPF “.

The reservoir, due to the low amount of precipitation, begins to dry. This has excited many caring people and public figures. They report that the water resources are almost exhausted and that the reservoirs have dried up.

According to correspondents, the Russian government will be forced to seek help from the Ukrainians. Experts say that without Ukrainian water from the Dnieper, the Kremlin will not be able to fully supply the peninsula with fresh water.

In this context, we note that water supply problems in Crimea are not uncommon: after the start of the Russian occupation of the peninsula, when Ukraine was forced to block the flow of water and the access of the Dnieper to the peninsula, the first rudiments of an impending disaster have begun.

Thus, the inhabitants of occupied Crimea find themselves in a dangerous situation, which could quickly turn into a catastrophic situation if the Russian authorities did nothing.

As a reminder, Kozak in Germany has secretly made a decision on the Donbass: the situation on the front line can change radically.

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