A large Ukrainian supermarket chain has introduced Scan & Go technology


Silpo launches self-scanning and purchasing system


One of the largest in the Ukraine supermarket chain “Cypo” Launched Independent scanning and goods “Vilnoksa” or scan and go system. Due to this, customers will be able to buy goods without the involvement of the cashier, they will be scanned directly into the trading floor of the supermarket using a mobile application.

Access to the service was provided for regular customers of Silpo, who are participating in the Valseni Rokunok program. You can use the Vіlnokasa system at 59 supermarkets in the chain that have self-service cash desks – Samokashi – installed.

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To use the Vilnoksa system, those going to the supermarket will need the Silpo mobile app. Pilot project participants will have an image of the basket on the main screen, which after clicking opens a special scanner. While shopping, you need to scan the barcode on the packaging or label of the suspended products. Shopping is added to the electronic basket, which is displayed on the display of the smartphone. Products can be packaged in a bag or bag immediately. After clicking the “Go to Payment” button, the application will generate a QR code that must be scanned at the Samokasa self-checkout counter and pay for purchases in a convenient way (cash, bank card or application).

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Amazon was one of the first to launch a supermarket format without cashiers. The first Amazon Go store, with no cash desk and sellers, opened in January 2018. Access to the store is possible only by scanning the QR code, then all the goods that the buyer takes from the shelves are automatically added to the virtual basket. And when you exit the store, the funds are automatically debited from the user’s account and a check is sent.

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