A man from Zelensky’s team: political scientist Fesenko said who could become the next president of Ukraine



Political analyst Vladimir Fesenko believes that after Vladimir Zelensky, the post of head of state could be taken by someone from the current president’s team. According to the political scientist, it may be the president of the parliament Dmitri Razoumkov.

The Zelensky team
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to RBC-Ukraine.

Political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko suggests that the next president of Ukraine may be the speaker of parliament, Dmitry Razumkov. According to him, Dmitry Razumkov adheres to centrist positions in politics.

“Today, Dmitry Razumkov is closest to this role,” said the political scientist.

In addition, the political scientist does not exclude that someone else could become the future president of Ukraine, for example, a person holding the post of Prime Minister or another high position in Ukrainian politics.

But Fesenko is not sure that the current head of government Denis Shmygal can become the future president of Ukraine.

The political scientist added that Ukrainian politics is unpredictable. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the choice of Ukrainians. He does not exclude that someone new can appear in the political arena – an alternative politician. Fesenko does not rule out that the Ukrainians can support even an authoritarian politician.

“Some voters may have a request for a” strong hand “, an authoritarian leader,” said the political scientist.

Fesenko also believes that the “old” political elites are unlikely to find support among Ukrainians.

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