A mobile bank for business and individuals has appeared in Ukraine


The country’s largest bank has issued a single application for business and individual customers.

The first mobile bank for business and individuals has appeared in Ukraine. Photo:

The state PrivatBank launched a single mobile application for individuals and entrepreneurs based on Privat24 for Android and iOS. To start using the service, you will need to update your mobile bank to the latest version. The bank’s press service reported this to PaySpace magazine.

In addition to access to 147 services for individuals, Privat24 now allows entrepreneurs View account details and share details. In the near future, the application will have the opportunity to deposit, work with the currency, make payments, as well as signatures formed by an accountant in the Privat24 web version, obtain digital signatures, and more. Now all these services are available in the Privat24 business application specified in the bank.

Sergey Kleuve
Head of SME PrivatBank

According to the financial institution, PrivantBank currently serves more than 700 thousand entrepreneurs. Since early 2017, the bank’s active customer base has grown to over 200 thousand entrepreneurs.

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We wrote about it earlier. That the National Bank approved an integrated approach to the formation and use of QR codes for settlements. We are mainly talking about credit transfer. The solution aims to provide the market with integrated tools to increase the convenience of settlements. This will solve the problem of compatibility of different infrastructure of market participants.

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