a new 14-inch version will appear in the coming weeks


Apple may update its MacBook Pro very soon going to complement the latest 16-inch version introduced a few months ago, also with an update that will replace the current 13-inch model. This new version of the MacBook Pro introduces the new Magic Keyboard and can count on Intel’s 10th generation Ice Lake processors.

However, the most interesting novelty in the update may be related to the size of the display. The new MacBook Pro, which will take the place of the current 13-inch model, may have 14 inch display approaching the 16-inch model presented in recent months, and moving away from the new 13-inch MacBook Air, Unveiled a few weeks ago.

At the moment, there is still no official confirmation of the increase in display size of the new MacBook Pro in the near future. According to rumors that have appeared to date, in any case, the transition to a 14-inch display can also be a specific hypothesis with the goal of a complete reorganization of the MacBook line.

The new MacBook Pro, which will replace the current 13-inch model, will probably be presented in May. Further details will therefore come very soon.

In anticipation of new news about the MacBook Pro line, we leave you some basic suggestions on the 13 and 16-inch models that are currently on the market:


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