A new offer of 100 GB is available in stores for only 7.99 euros per month


Starting this week, WINDTRE stores scattered across the country are available. new offer WINDTRE GO 100 Star + Easy Pay. This is about rollback offer which provides for a subscription to 24-month bonds and the possibility of access to very favorable tariff conditions.

In fact, this proposal makes available unlimited minutes and 200 SMS, as well as 100 GB of 4G data traffic for only 7.99 euros per month debit with a credit card or current account. Activation is reset (but the SIM card must be active within 24 months), and the cost of the SIM card is 10 euros (excluding local promotions).

The new WINDTRE GO 100 Star + Easy Pay cannot be activated by everyone. As already mentioned, the offer is a “rollback” and is intended for former clients of Wind and Tre, transferred to other operators. These customers will receive traditional SMS messages to return to WINDTRE, and will be able to go to the store to sign this very convenient offer for those who need a lot of GB.

Recall that also active WINDTRE offers attack operators what to leave from 5.99 euros per month and which can also be activated online. These offers apply to Iliad customers and some virtual carrier customers.


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