A new planet similar to Earth has been discovered: astronomers have declared its aptitude for colonization by earthlings



Scientists from the United States Aerospace Administration (NASA) have announced the discovery of an exoplanet, similar in size to Earth.

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Kepler-1649c exoplanet and its star.
Earth-like planet discovered by NASA scientists. Photo:

The planet Kepler-1649c is located in what is known as the habitat of the Kepler-1649 red dwarf star system, and there may be liquid water on its surface.

She shares her star with a planet very similar to Venus – Kepler-1649b, discovered three years ago.

The distance from Earth to the planet is 300 light years. It receives about 25% less energy from its star than Earth from the sun.

Its diameter is 6% larger than Earth, and the year on the planet represents 19.5 today.

“In terms of size and probable temperature, it is the most Earth-like planet ever found with Kepler. It’s amazing to me that we just found it. “ – said SETI Institute employee Jeff Coughlin.

However, NASA does not believe that the Kepler-1649c is suitable for potential colonization by earthlings.

“This discovery increases our hopes that Earth-2 is somewhere among the stars and is waiting for it to be found.” – said the scientists.

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