a new smartphone with a flexible display will cost less than its predecessor


Samsung continues to develop for new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2the second generation of folding, which is due to appear over the next summer, along with the top of the “traditional” range of the Note 20 line. The first generation of the Fold was less successful than expected, especially in Italy, due to flexible display problems (which made Samsung delay the launch several times) and very high price (more than 2 thousand euros in the price list in Italy).

The new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will try to clear the problems registered in the first generation. Flexible display technology is becoming more mature as the new Galaxy Z Flip demonstrates, and there should be no significant issues regarding display resistance. However, at a price Samsung plans to significantly reduce the list by offering a “basic” version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 for the price is much lower than 2 thousand euros.

In anticipation of more accurate details regarding the actual price list, it is confirmed that The new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will not start with 512 GB of internal memory like his predecessor. The smartphone will enter the market with 256 GB of internal memory, which will contribute to an overall cost reduction. Over the next few days, further project updates are expected to arrive.


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