A nurse from a Moscow hospital spoke of her work during an epidemic: “Die or die” – this is how our changes can be described. “



A nurse from a Moscow hospital spoke about her work during an epidemic:

Despite the fact that more and more world celebrities have joined the call to stay at home, and authorities in different countries have even imposed heavy fines for violating quarantine, people still bypass the restrictions and go out for no good reason . To tell what all of this leads to, on his Instagram, the nurse from one of the Moscow hospitals, reprofiled for the infectious, decided. “Die or die,” she described her first shift in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to her, in 12 hours, they received 25 patients, while during a regular shift, even 15 people a day seemed to be “hell”.

We have 2 nurses in our department, both working 24 hours a day. Four doctors: each pair works for 12 hours. There are no lung patients: everyone came with pneumonia, which is unknown. Someone had a coronavirus, someone was in contact with COVID-19 confirmed, someone went to public places until the last one. But the result is one – pneumonia, fever, cough, shortness of breath,

She says.

A nurse from a Moscow hospital spoke about her work during an epidemic:

According to her, all health workers work in full uniforms: “surgical pajamas, above – a protective suit, glasses, a respirator, two pairs of gloves, rubber shoes, shoe covers”. And when they approach patients, put on another pair of gloves. In such clothing, medical personnel cannot eat, drink or even use the toilet. Leave the so-called “dirty” area, where coronavirus patients are, they are only allowed twice a day. However, due to the large number of patients, this is practically not possible.

Yesterday we were lucky, and at least I went out at two in the afternoon for half an hour,

– said the nurse and added that after 5 p.m. she couldn’t stop.

A nurse from a Moscow hospital spoke about her work during an epidemic:

Many times I thought that now I would fall out of lack of oxygen. They opened the windows and tried to breathe the street air through a respirator. In the morning after a sleepless night, a day of hard work in a respirator, I was already sobbing with impotence, and above all, the work has not decreased. It’s a terrible feeling of unproductive: you do your best, refuse to rest, in relation to basic needs, and the work does not decrease, no matter how hard you try.

She adds.

In her position, she called to sit at home and not to call an ambulance for no specific reason (if there is no cough and the temperature does not exceed 38.5).

Leave room for serious patients, otherwise they’ll be in the halls soon, and you and we will be with them!

She called and wished all health workers strength and patience.

A nurse from a Moscow hospital spoke about her work during an epidemic:

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