A terrible case in an illegal kindergarten in Zaporozhye: a dying one-year-old girl was not even called an ambulance



In one of the illegal nursery schools in Zaporizhzhya, a one-year-old girl died, the kindergarten teacher did not even call an ambulance.

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The death of a girl in kindergarten.
In an underground kindergarten, a dying girl was not even called an ambulance. Photo:

This tragic incident occurred on May 29. Mom brought the baby to this underground kindergarten on a test day. The kindergarten was in a residential building on the 8th floor of the owner of the apartment. According to the owner, the girl was bitten by a boy and she cried loudly. The hysteria led to the fact that the baby started to vomit. Instead of calling an ambulance, the professor put the girl to bed, hoping she would fall asleep.

As a result, the baby choked on vomiting and died.

The owner of the place called his parents. The child’s hurried father called an ambulance, but it was too late, little girl Olesya was gone.

“How can you even put your baby to bed if he vomits?” And don’t call mom? “, – Alina Gak, the mother of the deceased baby, told reporters.

It turned out that the hostess did not have a permit to work with children and that she did not have qualified staff.

As a result, the police in the Zaporizhzhya region opened criminal proceedings in part 2 of article 115 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code. An investigation is underway.

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