A tip everyone should know: with this method, peeled potatoes can be stored for up to 5 days



In Ukraine, and not only one of the favorite and sought after products is the potato. It’s cheap and it’s not difficult to grow it yourself, if there is where.

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Board for storing peeled potatoes.
Peeled potatoes can therefore be stored for up to five days. Photo:

And everyone probably knows the situation where there were more peeled potatoes than needed to cook. You have to save it somehow. One known method is to hold in water, but it is not more than a day. No more water can be kept. For the freezer is not an option.

This is where the method comes in handy, which, by the way, few people know about.

With this method, the potatoes are kept fresh and healthy for up to five days.

You need to take a clean plastic bag and put peeled potatoes in it, then release some air from the bag and tie.

And in this form, you need to put the potatoes in the refrigerator on the shelf to store the vegetables. Thus, the peeled potatoes are perfectly stored and kept cool for up to five days. Other vegetables can be stored in the same way.

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