A toilet on a pedestal instead of a monument to Konev: this is how Prague showed its attitude towards the marshal



The story of the monument demolished on May 3 to the Soviet Marshal Konev in Prague received an unexpected result.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

The demolished monument to Konev.
Dismantled monument to the Marshal of the USSR Konev in Prague. Photo:

On the morning of May 9, residents of Prague were surprised by an unusual event. At the site of Marshal Konev’s dismantled monument, on the pedestal, there was an ordinary toilet, on which a tricolor, similar to the Russian tricolor.

Tricolor WC bowl on base.
A toilet bowl installed on the site of a demolished monument to Marshal Konev. Photo:

The toilets were of course urgently dismantled on the orders of the Czech authorities, but the unpleasant smell that blew into Russia remained.

The head of the Prague region, where the Ondřej Kolář monument was located, expressed his indignation at the actions of the strangers who installed the toilets on the pedestal.

“If someone needed to express themselves in a similar way during the celebration of the end of the Second World War, then they have feces in their head”, He stated.

Meanwhile, the investigating authorities have resumed the case, but they still do not understand how to characterize the incident.

The figure of the Soviet Marshal Konev is perceived in an ambiguous way in the Czech Republic in relation to the cruelty which he showed during the suppression of the uprising in Hungary in 1956 and the entry of troops in Czechoslovakia in 1968.

An extremely unpleasant surprise for Putin has already been reported.

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