A total of five planes with medical cargo arrived in Ukraine from China – OP



A total of five planes with medical cargo arrived in Ukraine from China - OP

A total of 5 medical cargo planes arrived in Ukraine from China to counter the spread of coronavirus infection.

This was stated by the secretary of the COVID-19 Coordinating Council to Combat the Spread, deputy head of the presidential office, Kirill Tymoshenko during Savik Shuster’s Freedom of Expression program on Ukrainian TV, a correspondent reports. from UKRINFORM.

“Now, we have made five flights, separately, with the sixth flight, we have taken the help of the Geneva Red Cross. In total, five flights have been made to China … We have brought 250,000 tests PCR, 150,000 express tests, 358 respirators for doctors working in infectious disease hospitals, and an ambulance, 41,000 disposable coveralls, 40,000 points, “said Tymoshenko.

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He added that many other necessary safeguards had also been introduced and pointed out that there were currently enough PCR tests in the laboratories for this week and next week.

Tymoshenko also noted that in Ukraine all the companies that can make masks for the population are operating at full capacity, but this is extremely insufficient for Ukraine, which is why they launched the so-called “airlift” with China: and they provide various remedies. “

“We actually divide the entire load into three categories. The first is what we wear for the needs of the Ministry of Health in all health facilities – masks, respirators, glasses, etc. The second batch is what the socially responsible company that wants to help wears. We help this company with the planes. For example, thanks to Petr Alekseevich (Poroshenko – editor’s note), they bought 10,000 combinations – we helped with the planes. The third type is the freight for pharmacy chains, “said Tymoshenko.

He noted that drugstore chains pay for planes carrying commercial freight themselves and that the government is helping to arrange these flights as quickly as possible.

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Tymoshenko added that the authorities also agreed with Kiev’s large production, which produces reusable protective suits and that they “now ship 12,000 suits, they are bathrobes and coveralls”. He said the suits will receive ambulances and hospitals for infectious diseases.

According to Tymoshenko, the next plane with medical facilities in Ukraine is expected on Monday.

As you know, former President Vladimir Zelensky established the Coordinating Council to combat the spread of COVID-19 as an advisory body to the President of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, at 10 p.m. on Friday April 3, 1,072 cases of coronavirus infection were registered, 27 people died.

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