A trader calls on the Ukrainian zarobitchane not to return home for Easter



A trader calls on the Ukrainian zarobitchane not to return home for Easter

From midnight on April 7, only two road checkpoints (BCP), Korchova-Krakovets and Dorogusk-Yagodin, which cannot be crossed on foot, will operate at the Ukrainian-Polish border.

In the near future it is planned to organize special air and rail flights from Poland to Ukraine.

This was in a comment to a Ukrainian correspondent by the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, Andrei Deshchitsa, who advises Ukrainian migrant workers who have the possibility of staying in Poland not to leave for Ukraine before Easter.

“From April 7, only the Korchova-Krakovets and Dorogusk-Yagodin checkpoints will operate at the Ukrainian-Polish border, and the Grebennoye-Rava-Russkaya checkpoint will temporarily stop operating. , so cross the border with them it will only be possible on their own cars, “said Deshchitsa.

He added that the mechanism that has worked to date will stop working: the State Ministry of Emergencies and local authorities will no longer direct buses to transport people across the border who will be gathered on the Polish side of the border .

“Therefore, Ukrainians who plan to cross the border should understand that they can only do so if they cross the border by road,” said the diplomat.

He added that after crossing the border, these people will have to undergo a 14-day observation. Given the mandatory nature of this procedure in special places designated by regional state administrations, even if citizens cross the border, there will be no way to spend Easter with your family in Ukraine.

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Therefore, Deshchitsa asked the Ukrainian zarobitchans, who have the financial capacity and the legal grounds to stay in Poland, to refrain from traveling to Ukraine during the Easter holidays.

“I advise all Ukrainians not to leave Poland for the holidays without any need. Take care of your health and that of your loved ones,” insisted the ambassador.

He added that those who nevertheless decide to cross the border in the near future should take into account the fact that after crossing the Ukrainian border they will have to undergo a 14-day observation, and the return to Poland will also require around two quarantine weeks in accordance with Polish laws. .

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The Ukrainian ambassador also called on Ukrainians in Poland to respect the standards introduced in the two countries in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. The diplomat recalled the existence of the protection program, under which the Embassy and consular offices of Ukraine will provide assistance and consular assistance to all Ukrainian citizens who need it. To do this, complete a questionnaire on the Embassy website, note the problem, and provide a contact for feedback.

At the same time, Deshchitsa stressed that the Ukrainian side is working on the organization of additional rail and air links between Poland and Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about the rail connection on the Przemysl-Lviv-Kiev and Kholm-Kovel routes, which will be served by Ukrzaliznytsya trains. Air communications will be provided by the Ukrainian airline SkyUp from Polish regional airports in Lviv or Kiev.

“We are talking about airports in Polish cities from where regular flights to Ukraine have been made, especially from Warsaw Modlin, Krakow, Wroclaw and other airports. Now the airline is working to agree on air fares affordable, “said the diplomat.

He expressed the hope that special flights, which will be carried out on a commercial basis, will be organized as early as next week. The ambassador asked to follow the information on the web page and the accounts of the embassy and consular posts on social networks.

According to approximate data, since March 15, the date on which the restriction on crossing the border was introduced, approximately 150,000 Ukrainians have left Poland for Ukraine. In Poland there are now perhaps up to a million migrant workers from Ukraine.

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