About 340 events expected in Ukraine on May 9 – police



About 340 events expected in Ukraine on May 9 - police

About 340 events expected in Ukraine on May 9 – police

08/05.2020 22:17


The police are ready to ensure public order in Ukraine during the events of May 9.

This was discussed during an inter-ministerial conference call chaired by Prime Minister of the Interior Sergey Yarovoy, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

National Police Chief Igor Klimenko and his deputy Alexander Fatevich also attended the meeting.

“The meeting participants discussed public security and public order during the celebration of the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation in State territory, as well as the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazism during World War II, “said the report.

It should be noted that on May 8, 253 events were planned in Ukraine with the participation of nearly 1.3 thousand citizens. More than 3.5 thousand police officers and 300 soldiers from the NSU ensured public security and order.

About 340 events expected in Ukraine on May 9 - police

On May 9, 340 events are planned in Ukraine.

In this regard, Yarovaya stressed the need for full cooperation of all units of the national police, the national guard and the state emergency service involved in security during these events.

“I draw attention to the absolute and not alternative respect for the law, guaranteeing quarantine measures during the campaign. On the ground, the police must carry out work and inform citizens in advance of the restrictions that will occur. The main responsibility lies with the dialogue police, ”said Yarovoy.

About 340 events expected in Ukraine on May 9 - police

The Prime Minister also stressed that heads of departments should monitor the situation and, if necessary, take appropriate decisions immediately.

“You need a competent assessment of the situation and the situation. The work of the operational headquarters, the situation center, which monitors the situation 24 hours a day, is under your constant control. There will be a lot of places, explain the requirements to people and make sure that the restrictive measures are respected. Of course, this will not happen without provocations, we must be ready to prevent them, ”said Yarovoy.

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In particular, the Interior Ministry said that of the 340 events expected on Saturday, about 290 involve the laying of flowers, in addition, 50 car rallies are planned. Public safety and order during these events will be provided by more than 6.9 thousand police officers and more than 1.4 thousand National Guard soldiers.

Klimenko, for his part, stressed that the police, who had been on intensive duty for almost two months, were ready to carry out their tasks.

About 340 events expected in Ukraine on May 9 - police

“The heads of the GUNP situational centers, which necessarily include representatives of the National Guard. Remember that the restrictive measures that are determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine must be observed. It is the responsibility of the police, the NSU and the State Emergency Department not only to ensure quarantine measures, but also to ensure the safety of people at a decent level, “said Klimenko.

The national police chief said the police did not rule out provocations and that precautionary work was already underway.

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“We do not take sides with this or that force, we have the right to express only the point of view of the law. And by law, quarantine measures continue. I appeal to all employees: no need for fine grandparents who want to lay flowers. It is necessary to provide them with unhindered access to the places where flowers are placed, while respecting quarantine measures. Citizens who want to honor those who were killed in the Second World War must do so. However, for us, the safety of people comes first, ”said Klimenko.

Fatsevich, in turn, noted that the relaxation of quarantine restrictions, according to the resolution of the Council of Ministers, will take effect on May 11. As a result, on May 9 and 10, police will continue to serve in parks and recreation areas to prevent quarantine violations.

About 340 events expected in Ukraine on May 9 - police

At the same time, Fatevich noted that the planned gathering will cover not only the territories of the regional centers, but also the districts and cities of regional importance – first of all, these are the regions of Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhya, Nikolaev , Kherson, Odessa and Kharkov.

“The police should explain to all participants two aspects: anyone who cannot participate in the rally has the opportunity to wait for their arrival near the memorial sites. But after the convoys arrive, all participants in the events must comply with all quarantine requirements, ”said Fatevic.

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As they added to the Interior Ministry, at the meeting, it was also noted the need to comply with the law on decommunization and to prevent the use of prohibited symbols.

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