About 40 Ukrainian citizens return from Turkey by ferry



About 40 Ukrainian citizens return from Turkey by ferry

Today, a ferry took off from the Turkish Black Sea port of Karasu to the Ukrainian port of Chernomorsk, on which there are about 40 Ukrainian citizens.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Consulate General in Istanbul.

“Today, around forty Ukrainian citizens are returning to their country of origin on the Karasu-Chernomorsk ferry. With the closure of airspace, communications between cities and increased security measures, this is the only logistical opportunity to return to Ukraine from Turkey, “said the consulate general.

The port of Karasu is located about 200 km from Istanbul and 300 km from Ankara. The Embassy of Ukraine in Ankara and the Consulate General of Ukraine in Istanbul provided their own transfer of citizens to the port of Karasu.

The transfer of citizens of Ukraine was carried out under complicated conditions. At midnight in Turkey, quarantine measures were strengthened, in particular, the entry and exit of vehicles in 30 major cities, including Ankara and Istanbul, were closed.

As the consulate general told the agency, due to the increase in quarantine measures and temperature measurements at the entrances and exits of cities, traffic along the roads is slow, with traffic jams. Ukrainian citizens were delivered on time to the ferry.

During the last day in Turkey, 2786 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected, 69 people died. The total number of people infected reached 20,921, a total of 425 people died. 141,716 tests were carried out, including 16,160 – the last day. 484 people have recovered.

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Worldwide, 1,139,112 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded, of which 61,144 have been fatal, 236,214 people have recovered.

In Ukraine, on the morning of April 4, 1096 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were confirmed, including 28 fatal, 23 patients recovered. 154 new cases were registered per day.

Photo: Consulate General of Ukraine in Istanbul.

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