According to an amendment every two minutes – Leshchenko said who and how violated the adoption of the “anti-Colomoy” law



Former people’s deputy Sergei Leshchenko spoke of who and how are trying to disrupt the adoption at second reading of the “banking” law, also known as “anti-colomian”. According to Leshchenko, a group of deputies of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, entrusted non-factional deputy Anton Polyakov with an important mission: “to complete” the bill with technical modifications.

Sergey Leshchenko
Sergey Leshchenko. Photo –

This Leshchenko said in his telegram channel, reports MFN.

Sergei Leshchenko believes that a group of deputies of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky instructed non-factional deputy Anton Polyakov to overwhelm the bill on the non-return of banks to their former owners with technical modifications. Leshchenko noted that Polyakov alone introduced 6,033 amendments to the so-called “anti-Colomian” law.

Leshchenko described in detail Polyakov’s “scheme”:

“Polyakov has introduced 6,033 amendments under PrivatBank law. This means that in the week after first reading, Polyakov managed to prepare an amendment every two minutes for seven days and nights without interruption. “

In addition, the former MP suggested that Polyakov had received financial rewards for his work.

“I wonder if it was an hourly wage or piece work?” Writes Leshchenko.

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