Active reinforcement is underway – an information resource reported on the preparation of the DNR I / LF for combat operations



Despite the fact that the L / DPR “authorities” have decided to abolish the “armed high availability regime of illegal armed groups”, the militants continue to train actively in combat for a possible escalation on the front. This information was shared by an information resource from the Ordlo Donetsk case.

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This was reported by the portal DonPress, referring to the information resource “Donetsk Affair”, reports the NPF.

Despite the abolition of the “high combat preparation of the IAF” in Donbass, the artillery and the air defense of the militants “L / DNR” are still fully ready for combat. According to the Donetsk Case resource, illegal armed groups train daily. In addition, military experts from different directorates organize training camps with personnel.

According to the author of the publication, various specialists are involved: grenade launchers, snipers, artillerymen.

In addition, activists strengthen their positions and carefully mask those who already control.

“Every day, an operational deployment of units and on-the-job training are being developed. The fortifications are being actively reinforced, new posts are constantly being equipped and the existing posts are being carefully masked, ”writes the author of the publication.

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