Activists lose monopoly: how Ukraine has ruined Putin’s plans



After the Ukrainian side invited four Ukrainian citizens to participate in the Trilateral Contact Group, pro-Russian activists lost their monopoly on representing the interests of the occupied part of the Donbas.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Vladimir Putin is puzzled.
Putin has a new problem, his plans for the Minsk process are destroyed. Photo:

Previously, the interests of the uncontrolled part of Ukraine were only represented by activists who already hold Russian passports and are de facto representatives not of Donbas, but of Russia.

Putin himself confused this by starting to issue passports from the Russian Federation to residents of occupied Donbas, and now his plans are falling apart.

Now, Ukrainian citizens, residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions are entering the negotiation process.

Political scientist Vladimir Fesenko said expect a quick outcome of the negotiation process, but the fact that the monopoly of Russian mercenaries has been destroyed is already encouraging.

“The result could be that compromises are found during the negotiations. Until Russia and the separatists change their position, I honestly expect no concrete results. ” – said Fesenko.

Among other things, this violates the Kremlin’s plans and Russia’s negotiating position over which the conflict in Donbas is an internal conflict in Ukraine.

Earlier, it was reported that an ORDO blogger showed the dying city of Donetsk.



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