Actor Mikhail Efremov, who had a fatal accident, attempted suicide



Mikhail Efremov, who was placed under house arrest by the court, attempted suicide. On the neck of the actor noticed characteristic traces of the hanging.

Mikhail Efremov in court
Mikhail Efremov in court. Photo –

He writes “MFN” referring to the Telegram channel “Mash potatoes“.

The incident became known on Wednesday June 10. Relatives of Efremov saw him at home in an unconscious state and called an ambulance:

“The actor’s relatives also noticed a deep mark on his neck. Efremov himself was unconscious. The doctors on duty said it was a suicide attempt. After calling psychiatrists.”

Efremov himself, after coming to himself, said that he did not remember anything, in particular, he did not remember where the traces came from. He was alone in the room.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Sobchak had commented on an accident involving Efremov.



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