Adaptive quarantine until July 31: the Cabinet published updated rules



Adaptive quarantine until July 31: the Cabinet published updated rules

Adaptive quarantine until July 31: the Cabinet published updated rules

06/19.2020 18:59


The Cabinet of Ministers has released a resolution on extending adaptive quarantine until July 31 with updated rules for compliance.

Decree No. 500 of June 17 was published on the government portal.

According to the document, adaptive quarantine has been extended until July 31 and the resolution also provides for changes to working hours in public institutions.

“For the quarantine period, work begins: in executive bodies, other state bodies, local authorities at 8 am; in administrative service centers, social welfare organizations, territorial bodies of the Fund Ukrainian pension at 10 am, “the document said.

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Among other things, the resolution established that for the quarantine period, the following is prohibited:

– stay in public buildings and structures, public transport without wearing personal protective equipment, in particular respirators or face masks, covering the nose and mouth, including those produced independently;

– stay on the street without ID, confirming citizenship or special status;

– arbitrarily leave places of isolation, observation;

– visits to educational establishments by its candidates in groups of more than 10 people, except for participation: in the final certification of the State in the form of an independent external evaluation, in an independent external evaluation, tests entrance exam, a single entrance exam in a foreign language, a single professional entrance test, certification in the form of test exams The CROC holds integrated exams under license, as well as confirmation of qualifications seafarers, training of seafarers, crew members of merchant ships, including those on the inland waterways of Ukraine, and training of captains of small / small vessels;

– activities of children’s institutions for recreation and leisure;

– the implementation of regular and irregular passenger transport by road, including the transport of passengers on urban bus lines, in electrical communications (tram, trolleybus), rail, in cities, suburbs, interurban transport and interregional, in addition to the number of seats for seats provided by the technical characteristics of the vehicle, as defined in the registration documents for this vehicle.

It is also noted that the carrier is responsible for providing drivers with personal protective equipment, in particular respirators or face masks, and controls the use of personal protective equipment, including respirators or face masks, by passengers during transport.

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As noted, on June 17, the Cabinet of Ministers extended adaptive quarantine until July 31 with an updated approach to adaptive quarantine, which provides for the possibility of strengthening quarantine in certain regions, if the situation so requires.

Since March 12, the government has introduced quarantine in Ukraine to fight the spread of coronavirus infection.

The first weakening of quarantine in Ukraine began on May 11.

From May 22, Ukraine announced the next stage of the weakening of quarantine and decided to introduce adaptive quarantine.

As of June 19, 34,984 cases of COVID-19 had been laboratory confirmed in Ukraine, 921 new cases per day.

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