Adaptive quarantine will be changed in Ukraine


The innovations will take effect from August 1

Adaptive quarantine will be replaced in Ukraine. Photo: Shippovnik

Adaptive quarantine in Ukraine has been extended until late summer. A number of innovations will start operating from 1 August keeping in view the epidemic situation in the region and individual settlements. It was reported by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Officials will now determine one of four “color” levels of risk of spreading COVID-19: green, yellow, orange and red. The threat level, according to Health Minister Maxim Stepanov, will be determined automatically using programs based on algorithms and data collected, and then approved by the THB and the National Commission of Emergencies.

Criteria for distribution of areas in four areas: Bed occupancy does not exceed 50%, average number of tests is at least 24 thousand per 100 thousand population, detection rate of new cases in the previous week (not more than 11%), Dynamics of Sickness Development (it should not exceed 10%).

If the rate of coronavirus infection does not exceed, the region and all its districts are in the “Green Zone”. Meanwhile, the “red zone” is the most important.

In the “green zone” of the spread of coronavirus, the following restrictions will apply:

  1. Wearing masks or respirators in public buildings;
  2. Large scale event – not more than 1 person per 5 squares. M
  3. Organizing events in theaters or theaters with 50% fullness;
  4. Passenger car within seating area only.

If the indicator starts changing for five consecutive days, the zone immediately shifts to “yellow” – the so-called buffer zone, unlike the changes orange and red, are not significant.

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Earlier we wrote that in relation to improving the epidemiological situation in the capital, Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has relaxed restrictions on the work of many institutions. According to the head of the Kiev City State Administration, since 6 July, the Commission for Emergencies has allowed restaurants, catering establishments, theaters and theaters to operate in the capital after 22:00 in compliance with hygiene standards and regulations.

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