Advice for those who found themselves out of work: where, how, how much



Advice for those who found themselves out of work: where, how, how much

The state is ready to help Ukrainians who have lost their jobs. If you have at least some experience – from 1800 UAH, you are insured

Undoubtedly, the world is changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes – economic, political, behavioral, psychological … How many more will be, what, how they will affect our lives – we can only predict and wait. But it’s already clear – the hardest part will be for those who lose their jobs and livelihoods. The search for work, employment, the possibility of receiving unemployment benefits now bother many.

Ukrinform is starting a series of documents that will help you navigate a difficult situation. This time, with the help of the National Employment Service team, we offer a schematic analysis of the question “How to use state unemployment aid during quarantine”

Unemployment growth in Ukraine: what the numbers say

As of April 7, 2020, 364,000 people had applied for unemployment benefits at job centers, 13% more than April 7 of last year. This was announced during a briefing following a meeting of the government, the Minister of Economy Igor Petrashko.

Advice for those who found themselves out of work: where, how, how much

Igor Petrashko

“If we take the comparative period of last year, the growth in the number of unemployed (who applied to the job center) was 13%. But in April-May, we expect an increase in the number of unemployed”, said the minister. In this regard, the CAB PLANS TO SIMPLIFY THE PROCEDURE FOR REGISTRATION OF UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE.

It is planned to allocate 1.2 billion hryvnia for the implementation of active programs to promote employment this year, last year these expenses amounted to 734 million hryvnia.

The board of directors of the State’s compulsory social insurance fund has decided to increase the minimum amount of unemployment assistance from March 1, 2020. For people whose payments are allocated taking into account the wages and seniority, THE MINIMUM DIMENSION OF THE UNEMPLOYMENT ALLOWANCE IS INCREASED up to 1800 hryvnia. For people whose payments are affected regardless of salary and length of service, the minimum unemployment benefit has been increased to 650 hryvnias.

Simplification of unemployment assistance: what to expect

According to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, on March 29, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to temporarily modify the procedure for granting unemployment benefits.

First, THE REGISTRATION OF UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE WILL BE FROM THE FIRST DAY after submitting a request to the employment centers.


In the near future, these changes will be implemented and made available.

Information on assistance to the unemployed: where to look

For information, use only official sources – these are the official pages and websites of government agencies and their “hotlines”. The official website of the public employment service is, the official Facebook page is, as well as the official pages of the regional employment services, the hotline is 0800 50 99 66. It is true that the national “direct line”, as Ukrinform was convinced, could not respond for a long time, so it is better to call the lines of the regional centers.

In any case, follow the golden rule: THERE ARE QUESTIONS – CALL THE JOB CENTER.

“Quarantine” changes in the registration of the unemployed: what opportunities are opening up

During quarantine in relation to the coronavirus, REGISTRATION TO THE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE CAN BE SECURE IN TWO WAYS:

  • Enter the package of documents in person, leaving them in a special box in front of the center. The job center should be chosen the most convenient to visit – REGISTRATION DOES NOT MATTER!
  • Submit your documents by email.
  • Online registration: how to write documents?

    On the employment service website, select the “Electronic submission of documents” section. Then follow the step by step instructions:

    Advice for those who found themselves out of work: where, how, how much

    • download two applications from the site – the benefit allocation form and the unemployed charter remittance form, print them and fill them out with your own hand. Sign and take a photo (or scan, use the free apps on the Play Market or the App Store to do this).
    • photograph your documents according to the list of documents required for registration – see here.
    • add completed requests and prepared documents as attachments to emails. Send an email to your chosen job center.
    • wait for a response from the job center about the solution. Then stay in touch with your career counselor via the e-office.

    Important! REQUESTS SHOULD BE SPECIFIED BY THE REAL NUMBERS OF YOUR CONTACT PHONES and your mailboxes. However. Send documents during the day (Monday to Friday) during business hours.

    The system works: Ukrinform checked

    The main question that worries many unemployed people in Ukraine today is whether a person can count on registering at the job center and receiving unemployment benefits IF THERE IS NO OFFICIAL JOB. The answer was given by the workers of the “hot line” of the capital’s employment center, where we called under the cover of a possible unemployed person.

    To this end, they immediately picked up the phone.

    – Job center. I’m listening to you.

    – Tell me, please, such a thing … For a long time I didn’t have an official job. Can I join the job market?

    – Yes you can. There are no obstacles, but in this case the payments will be minimal.

    – How much is it?

    – I can’t say right now, I have to study your documents. IF THE EXPERIENCE IS NOT AT ALL THEN 650 UAH, AND IF ALL, THIS MINIMUM PAYMENT CAN BE 1800 UAH. Now they have raised it a little.

    – Thank you! And how to apply?

    – The site contains all the instructions. Send photos of documents to the center by email and wait for a call from us. It will take 3-4 days. Now there are so many requests that we just don’t have the time to physically review all the requests. But don’t worry, we don’t miss a single letter! ..

    Instead of the epilogue: on the important – in simple terms

    From the call of the National Employment Service team:

    “Some psychologists are inclined to compare the stages of perception of the new with the stages of experiencing a person’s grief: denial, anger (aggression), bargaining, depression (stupor), acceptance.

    Some people continue to deny the presence of COVID-19 or its impact on the health of hundreds and thousands of people, consider it a political game or a global conspiracy … Well, it’s your right … But , objectively, the quarantined country, institutions and companies operate in a modified manner, preventive measures introduced. Many have lost their jobs. There is no sense or logic in denying the fact of a pandemic and the quarantine measures introduced. The situation is as it is. We already obey the security measures and restrictions that have been introduced, we adapt our lives and our needs to the situation. In other words, shock and denial are behind.

    Anger, unfortunately, is still felt by many. This manifests itself in an aggressive relationship with each other in stores, on the streets, with neighbors, as well as with employees of social institutions who continue to provide services. People who have taken this step have an understanding of the situation: they are at home as much as possible, communicate remotely, perceive new service requirements, postpone their visits to these services (if this is not vital).

    But what about those who are still at this stage who, by the way, can last too long, destroying life and the psyche?

    Allow us some simple, well known but effective tips:

    • constantly stop reading and watching news on all news channels – they usually only make a panic worse, telling terrible stories in order to increase their own audience;
    • submit all recommendations received for your own critical analysis for reasons of consistency, security and common sense;
    • remember: you are a MAN! Therefore, behave humanly.

    They left behind the aggression, then the negotiation. About what and with whom are we “negotiating”? The general formula has the following form: if I give in to something (I sacrifice something), then the life that was before today will return. For example: if I put on a mask, wash my hands at the entrance to the employment center, they will accept me and, consequently, all the procedures for “marking” and calculating unemployment benefits will be carried out.

    Objective: special service protocols have already been implemented and respected by employees; your “negotiation” with yourself (not with the workers!) will not cause any change in these protocols, but will only cause further aggression on your part. Thus, you return to the previous step, restricting yourself in the development and possibilities of the psyche to “move on”. What to do Let’s sort it out and let’s find answers together.

    Oksana Polishchuk, Kiev

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