After criticizing his wife: Zelensky wants to clarify the duties of the first lady in laws



The President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, believes that the duties of the first lady should be set out in Ukrainian legislation.

Vladimir and Elena Zelensky
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This is reported by the NPF, referring to “Ukrainian truth. ”

The head of state, Vladimir Zelensky, has had an idea – he believes that the duties of the first lady of the country should be prescribed at the legislative level. According to the Ukrainian leader, Ukrainian citizens often have questions “what does the first lady do or what should she do?” On this basis, the Head of State considers that the duties of the first lady should be clearly indicated in the law.

In addition, according to Zelensky, his wife Elena is often criticized. And this criticism, according to the head of state, has no reason. As an example, he suggested Elena’s initiative to send letters of support to the doctors who saved the coronaviruses themselves. In response, according to the head of state, critics pleased Elena.

The head of state said that one of the doctors had started to criticize Elena, allegedly because instead of 300% of the salary increase, she is sending letters. Zelensky noted that the doctor who “manufactured Elena’s pest control product” did not treat patients with coronavirus. The guarantor of the Constitution also stressed that the first lady does not deal with the issue of salary increases.

Furthermore, according to the Ukrainian leader, it was an unethical attitude towards the first lady. After such an incident, according to Zelensky, he had the idea of ​​prescribing in laws the duties that the first lady should assume.

The Head of State intends to engage in the development of this initiative with his wife and his assistants.

The Head of State also stressed that his new initiative does not need budgetary funding.

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