After defeating the coronavirus, an even more dangerous virus could spread around the world – Pope Francis



The Pope, in a Sunday sermon, issued a warning: The Pontiff noted that after the fight against COVID-19, the world can be enveloped in a much more dangerous virus.

Pope Francis
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Pope Francis reminded people of the importance of universal solidarity and warned that the poor should not be forgotten after the victory of the coronavirus:

“Now we are waiting for a slow and difficult outcome to the coronavirus pandemic. But there is a great danger that after victory we will forget those who are weaker than us … We may be struck by an even more terrible virus – selfishness and indifference. We should not think that life is good when it is good for us. We shouldn’t think that if it’s good for us, then it’s good for everyone. “

The pontiff added that the coronavirus reminded everyone that there are no differences between people and that you should never forget it again.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the head of the UGCC had called to join the Pope’s prayer.

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