After the May 22 quarantine – Shmygal



After May 22, Quarantine Will Be Extended - Shmygal

After May 22, Quarantine Will Be Extended – Shmygal

12.05.2020 09:29


After May 22, the government will extend the quarantine since Ukraine is still at the peak of the incidence of COVID-19.

This is what Prime Minister Denis Shmygal said on “Snіdanku z 1 + 1”.

“Officially quarantined until May 22, but it is not the final date. We will extend it,” he said.

According to Shmygal, the government is currently developing when each of the 5 quarantine steps is introduced.

“Today it is difficult to predict. We are now at the top of the incidence rate. We are going exactly the last seven to eight days. We have not increased the number of patients in percentage. We have even decreased slightly the ratio of patients to those who are already sick. We have not had a day, when the number of people recovered has exceeded or was equal to the number of cases. This is a very important turning point, when we understand that the peak has passed, “added the Prime Minister.

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As Ukrinform reported, since March 12, Ukraine has introduced quarantine in educational institutions and a number of other measures to control the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection. The restrictive measures have been extended until May 22, but from May 11, certain relaxations are in place.

Previously, Denis Shmygal had announced a gradual exit from quarantine – in accordance with a decrease in the incidence. There are 5 steps.

As of May 12, 16,023 cases of COVID-19 have been laboratory confirmed in Ukraine, 3,370 people have recovered and 425 have died. 375 new cases were detected per day.

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