Against a number of popular supermarkets opened a case


The rise in price of products after the start of quarantine did not go unnoticed and will not go unpunished

A case has been opened against a number of popular supermarkets: who and what is accused

The metropolitan branch of the Antimonopoly Committee opened a case against the largest chains of food stores in Kiev due to the rapid rise in prices of products. This was told by the chairman of the branch Alexei Khmelnitsky.

“The reason for the Committee’s intervention was a significant increase in prices for goods in recent days. The price monitoring introduced by the AMCU shows that the prices of certain products and personal protective equipment rose simultaneously in different retail chains. This may indicate anti-competitive behavior of market participants – both suppliers and retailers, or both of these links at the same time, ”Khmelnitsky explained.

Among others, the complaint concerns supermarkets NOVUS, Auchan, METRO Cash & Carry Ukraine, Silpo, BILLA, ATB-Market, VARUS, ECO market.

If a fact of violation of the law on the protection of economic competition is established, supermarkets will face administrative liability in the form of a fine of up to 10% of the company’s turnover for the previous year.


Recall, experts named sectors, which, on the contrary, grow and increase profits. Tough quarantine measures in many countries increased Internet traffic by 50-70%, and in some countries, for example, in Italy, traffic increased by 90%. Naturally, some sectors of online business are seeing revenue growth.

Streaming services such as Netflix and Disney + grew 12%. The quarantine will also benefit from the online commerce sector, whose revenue will grow by $ 175 billion – an increase of 5%.

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