AI created the most fair tax system


AI has already proposed a taxation scheme that is 16% more reasonable than the current one

How to eradicate poverty: AI created the most fair tax system. Photo: Duma

One of the most effective tools for social regulation is taxation: governments collect money from people, depending on how much they earn, and do so directly through social security schemes, or indirectly through government Use to pay for projects.

Higher taxation may lead to greater equality, but too much taxation may prompt people to look for ways to avoid taxes, reducing the overall budget.

The difficult issue of tax balance can be addressed by AI artificialist, an artificial intelligence (AI) developed by Salesforce. AI has already proposed a taxation scheme that is 16% fair compared to current productivity – which is based on actions to maximize productivity and income equality.

Most tax schemes use either a progressive tax (those who earned more, paid more), or regressive (those who earned more, paid less) tax. The option proposed by the AI ​​economist combines both approaches. A progressive tax applies to the rich and poor, and a regressive tax applies to the middle class. As a result, the gap between rich and poor has narrowed.

An important advantage of AI Economist is that its parameters can be infinitely changed, different scenarios can be explored. For example, to simulate an epidemic.

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