ALC trial participants sent an invitation and were reminded of the quarantine rules



ALC trial participants sent an invitation and were reminded of the quarantine rules


01/06/2020 16:50


VNO trial participants received invitation cards with addresses of trial locations.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Center for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education.

“In the personal testimonies of the participants in the UPE trial, the website of the corresponding regional center to assess the quality of education has published pass-invitations which indicate the addresses of the test points,” the statement said.

The UCCAA recalled that to enter the “Personal account of the participant of the University of military medicine”, you must enter the username and password received previously from the regional center. To print the invitation pass to participate in the trial VNO, you must use the “Generate invitation pass” option. The document is generated in PDF format and is downloaded automatically.

A test UPR in Ukrainian language and literature will take place on June 15 in all academic subjects on June 17.

The progress of the WNV trial under the conditions of the coronavirus epidemic is presented in the video instruction.

The UCCAA also recalled that the decision of the Chief Medical Officer of Health of Ukraine approved recommendations on the security conditions for the conduct of an independent external assessment.

Thus, during tests, it should be ensured that participants in the UPR are informed of the signs of respiratory illness, which can be the basis for not admitting tests, anti-epidemic measures during the test. In particular, participants in the UPR must be at least 1.2 meters apart from each other, before the start of the tests, all participants and those attracted undergo a thermometry, people whose temperature is above 37.2 degrees will not be allowed to test. Participants must have a face shield or respirator without a valve. At the entrance of the building where the test takes place, places should be provided for the treatment of hands with antiseptics.

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As reported by Ukrinform, the main UPR session in Ukraine will take place from June 25 to July 17, 2020. Thus, according to the published calendar, June 25 will be tested in mathematics, on June 30 – in Ukrainian language and literature , July 2 – in physics, July 6 – in Spanish, German and French, July 7 – in English, July 9 – History of Ukraine, July 13 – in biology, July 15 – in geography and July 17 – in chemistry.

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