Alcohol is useful in adulthood: the essence of scientists’ discovery



Seniors who drink moderately are more likely to cross the 85 year mark without signs of senile dementia (dementia).

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Alcohol can prolong life.
Alcohol is useful in adulthood in moderation. Photo:

This conclusion was made by scientists at the University of San Diego, California, after conducting a series of studies over 29 years.

The study looked at men and women aged 65 and over.

The tests were carried out in 4 different groups with moderate alcohol consumption (up to 50 g of a strong drink or a glass of wine), significant (no more than 3 servings of a strong drink or wine) and excessive – exceeding these values. At the same time, a group of absolutely non-alcoholic people was observed.

A group of people tested who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol daily showed positive results in terms of life expectancy and cognitive (mental) capacities.

In addition, their indicators were twice higher than the group of abstainers.

In the second group with excessive alcohol consumption, the development of alcoholic dementia was observed, but life expectancy was at the level of non-drinkers.

For a group of people who took excessive amounts of precise alcohol, the results could not be obtained due to its very small composition.

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