Alexander Ovechkin spoke about children and family life with Anastasia Shubskaya: “Nastya takes care of everything”



Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya

The life of Alexander Ovechkin, 34, outside of sport, revolves around children: more recently, the wife of the hockey player, Anastasia, 26, gave birth to his second son, Ilya. About him, as well as his older brother Sergey and their mother, said Alexander in an interview with Julia Bordovskih. Their online chat took place on the TV presenter’s Instagram, and during the chat, Ovechkin kept admiring his wife, I marvel. I have it – and beauty and intelligence. It’s amazing how much love Nastya treats everyone: for me, the eldest son Seryozha, Ilyusha, our dog Blake. You can see right away how wonderful a person my Nastya is, ”he said.

Julia Bordovskikh and Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander and Anastasia have been together for five years, and most of the time they live in the United States, where the athlete plays for the Washington Capitals NHL club. According to the hockey player, his wife gives him a good night’s sleep after training, taking care of a small child independently. Are they getting me a good night’s sleep? Again, I would like to say a big thank you to Nastya. She does it. It is only sometimes that it wakes me up to feed Ilyusha. But most of the time, they give me sleep, ”admitted Ovechkin.

Alexander Ovechkin with wife Anastasia and son Sergei

According to him, the eldest son Sergei, who will be two years old in August, was delighted with the appearance of his brother. Seryozha welcomed him very well. Whenever he sees Ilya, kisses his leg, wants to play. But we try to do everything carefully because the child is still very small, ”said Ovechkin.

Alexander Ovechkin with wife Anastasia and son Ilya

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